ICYMI Nov 9th: weekly flashback

Another week passes by and i get the chance to review the week in automotive news for those of you busy to look at AutoColumn during the week. It’s not that difficult guys, all of you can spare a few minutes daily to get upto speed. Don’t worry though, if you are sure you can’t make time for that, we got you covered.

New Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

New Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

Lets us start with the Alto K10 automatic launch which took place last week. Yes, the car has undergone a few exterior changes like the new headlamps and grille but the USP has now shifted from the “affordable car” tag to “Affordable car with Auto gearbox” tag. The car is now wider and taller than while it is marginally smaller in length, which seems like MS is trying to move towards the tallboy hatch segment. The Automated manual gearbox is borrowed from the Celerio and MS claim to have increased the economy to 24 kmpl. This makes the Alto the only car below INR 4 lakh to get a AMT gearbox.

Datsun Go NCAP Test Crash Image


On Nov 3rd shocking news of Indian cars failing the Global NCAP tests surfaced. The MS Swift and Datsuns launch vehicle in India, the GO,  failed the tests in terms of the car body absorbing the impact and crash test dummies suffered severe injuries. The Swift scored a zero out of the total of five stars while the Go performed even worse as the body shell disintegrated completely. In response to this Global NCAP has written to Carlos Ghosn to withdraw the Go from the Indian market. This is a major setback for a company trying to make a comeback but it seems highly unlikely as there are no strict laws in India. But the new govt has responded to this news in a really positive way by making it mandatory for new cars to undergo frontal impact test at 56 kmph from October of next year.

Mercedes brought in some good news when it announced the date of the launch for the new C class for the Indian market. The new car is based on the MRA platform which reduces the overall weight by 100kgs. Take a look at the whole story here.

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes also announced buying of 25% stake in MV Augusta under its AMG brand. “The partnership provides us with an entry into a world of additional high-performance enthusiasts” said Tobias Moers, Chief Executive of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Mv agusta-mercedes-amg

Every single person who has ever sat in any car in the world has a dream of owning a Ferrari sometime. Well, now it is possible. Fiat has put the entire Ferrari brand on the market for those interested. Fiat has not been doing great financially for a few years now and this sale will give them some much needed relief from all the problems they have been facing.



Nav’s world came crashing down when he heard about the Ferrari sale and he decided to explain the history of his favorite brand. “Art in Motion” is the design philosophy Ferrari follows (IMHO it has drifted apart for the last few years, but that is besides the point) and that has been putting a smile on countless faces since Enzo Ferrari thought of this brilliant idea to fund his racing program.

GM Amber platform based compact SUV

GM Amber platform based compact SUV Adra

4wheelreviews was the first to report about GMs plans to develop a small car platform, codenamed Amber, for developing markets including ours. The Amber platform will have three cars: a hatch, a compact sedan and a compact SUV a-la Honda Brio, Amaze and the Mobilio. The cars will begin to roll out by 2017 which seems like long time to catch on to the compact car segment but as they say, Better late than never.


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