Indian Family completes a 111 day family road trip from Banglore to Paris

When we say a family road trip, an average 100 – 150 km is all we can think of, because then the kids start getting bored, wife’s back start aching and the enjoyment drains out. But if we tell you, an Indian family has done a 111 day, around 22,780 km long  road trip from Banglore to the very beautiful Paris. YES! its a true story.

Bangalore to Paris Road trip

Bangalore to Paris Road trip

Bangalore based Anand Baid (37), wife Punita Biad (36), kids Yash(12) and Driti (8) have completed this adventurous trip. This family calling themselves L.I.F.E (Little Indian Family of Explorers) started their journey on 8th April after Anand gave up his job and Punita had a two month vacation, they also convinced the children’s school to sanction extra leave of two months. The trip was sponsored by 10 companies including Fiat Chrysler group. A Fiat Linea T-Jet was used for this trip and the car has proved its ability while it faced different terrains, mountains, plains, etc. with no problem whatsoever. Just one service during the trip was all it took. The Linea proved to be a very slow seller in the Indian market, but this is a perfect example of its unmatched build quality and excellent Italian engineering.


Fiat Linea in its element

 A major challenge faced by the pure vegetarian family was finding food. However, the wife used to cook some light food on her portable stove whenever the time allowed and fed the family. While Anand and wife took turns while driving, their son helped them with navigation and appropriate accommodations on the way. The family made a lot of local friends and received gifts that are now souvenir of their trip. The son being a Barcelona FC fan wanted to visit Spain. While, the wife wanted to visit the romantic France. So the family travelled through Spain and finally completed their journey in Paris, France. They followed the following route.

Bangalore to Paris Road trip

Bangalore to Paris Road trip

India > Nepal > China > Kyrgyzstan > Uzbekistan > Turkmenistan > Iran > Turkey > Greece > Italy > Switzerland (Alps) > Spain > France

The Baid family has proved that having kids doesn’t stop us from taking on adventures. On the other hand, it can get you loving co-travellers. So where are you planning to go this Diwali?

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