Insane Volvo with Nitrous Big Block – Video of the Day

Drag races have been there since the beginning. The street drag races are growing more and more popular with each passing day. So, don’t worry when you hear loud exhaust notes and wheels screeching while you are sleeping in your bedroom. Just peep out of the window and you will see a show put together by some junkies.

Today’s Video of the Day features a similar street drag racing Volvo which is fitted with a Chevy Big block and fat wheels. A camera man from 1320 videos is seen in the passenger seat shooting all the action. However, the car does not seem to have proper passenger seats. Fred, the camera guy seats with a nitrous cylinder between his legs. The most shocking part is  him seating without seatbelt!

The video starts with a scene from the XTX garage where the car Volvo is being fueled and prepared to put some serious power on the streets. It is shot in Sweden during Stockholm opens. The car has to be pulled out of the garage and the driver buckles him up on the driver seat while Fred makes himself comfortable with whatever he has. The car accelerates like a dream. The sound that Chevy in the Volvo makes gives you goosebumps.

When the modified Volvo reaches the starting line after a bit of drama on the way. It had to be caught while it was warming up the wheels for better traction. For those don’t know, it is a standard practice on rear wheel drive cars before a drag race. The warmed wheels establishes optimum traction with the road. So , all the power can be used to make the car go aheadand the wheels do not spin sticking  to the same place. As soon as this is done, some switches on the cockpit-like board are used to do manage power levels and activate nitrous.

Find what happens next in the video below. Happy Motoring! 🙂



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