Jaguar entry level hatchback in the works

We all are familiar that Jaguar has just went into production and it looks like company has already started thinking of expanding their customer circle. Still company is working on a small scale and working on expanding their line up. Talking to Australian website Motoring, Jaguar design director Ian Callum has revealed the company could eventually introduce a smaller model. He also added that there is a huge opportunity in the small car market. Company is counting on latest all new four models including new XE, the second-gen XF and the upcoming F-Pace crossover. Jaguar is planing to introduce a model smaller than new XE. Jaguar is preparing a compact sedan for the C-segment meaning that it will be going up against models such as the BMW 2-Series Coupe, the Audi A3 Sedan and the Mercedes-Benz CLA. The model will probably get an entirely new platform but it may share some of the components with the XE.


2014 Jaguar XE top view

2014 Jaguar XE top view

Callum said “I think there’s a huge opportunity in the small car market, but it’s a very difficult business – hugely competitive and hugely price conscious.” He stopped short of saying an entry-level model was in the works but confirmed “clearly we think about it, we investigate it.”


Callum also said the entry-level model would likely be front-wheel drive and consumers would accept this as “technology now compensates for its misgivings.” Callum believes that modern technology can cancel out the shortcomings typically associated with front-wheel drive. Looking at the company’s history, Jaguar currently doesn’t have a front-wheel drive platform on which it can build a small hatchback, so the chassis will have to be either built from scratch or borrowed from another automaker. Interestingly, Nick Rogers, Jaguar Land Rover’s global engineering director, hinted that the small car could be offered with a fuel-sipping hybrid drivetrain.  Still now name of the upcoming model unknown even their is no official announcement but if green light is given of production it will take atleast four to five years to reach dealership. Still details are limited but probably over a few yera we will get to know more.

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