Jaguar XE Spied [VIDEO]

Jaguar XE front

Jaguar XE front

At the Nurburgring circuit, Jaguar XE prototype was spotted doing test laps by some of the Jaguar’s Engineers. There were two prototypes being tested on the circuit. These prototypes are powered by an Ingenium four-cylinder engine which can reach a maximum speed of  300 Km/hr and are environmental friendly giving out 100 Grams or less of CO2 emissions per Km. The engine is a V6 just like the one used in the F-Type, this was previously confirmed by the company. However, further specifications are not revealed as yet. The engine is capable to deliver 380 HP. This spec should be improved greatly to rival the BMW M3 having 431 hp of power.

A V6 engine will enough for the XE series rather than using a V8 giving 510 hp. V8 would be a little too much for the XE series. Jaguar had made their move to get into the supercar league long ago, with the XE soon to be launched Jaguar would confirm their seat in this league, every car maker longs for.

TouriClips have taken efforts to get the XE being tested by the engineers on the Nurburgring circuit on video. Confirming that there were two prototypes being tested of which one was seen with a  missing door mirror and the camouflage was damaged after a day of testing. Jaguar will continue to tease petrolheads all over the world before their launch. The V6 F-Type Jaguar XE concept rather than the actual production car is said be unveiled at the  2014 Paris Motor show later this October.

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