Jaguar XF 2.0 Turbo Petrol Comprehensive Review

Jaguar Land Rover became the complete subsidiary of Tata Motors in 2008. Ever since it has been the pride of India. Honestly, Jaguar is almost a six-decade old company and what makes this heritage still shine amongst its German rivals is the sheer brilliance of design, luxury and passion.
In fact, under Tata, JLR ended up with their best ever year sales in 2014.
I’m sure even you are tired of seeing German cars like Mercedes, BMW and Audi on Indian roads, but slowly and steadily there’s one more manufacturer who is making its presence felt, on not only the Indian soil but also all around the world.


When I was told, I’m about to test the Jaguar XF, I was quite excited and the experience was more thrilling than my expectations.
So, we are talking about the Jaguar XF 2.0 petrol variant, which is so far, the most affordable Jaguar you can get in your stable.

2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-3151 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-42

Talking about the design, every Jaguar has its own identity. The moment you see its silhouette you realize, you are about to witness something exciting. Jaguar has created a brilliant recipe that strikes the perfect balance between luxury and sport.
The traditional Jaguar grill, comes forward at you and the wide headlights finish the front. The rear lights have been given LEDs and redesigned so that they extend further into the boot beneath the chrome strip. The car has a coupé profile, which gives it a blend of sportiness; shoulder lines flow nicely creating the balance of everything. Overall, it’s a handsome car and one of the best looking executive car in the market. All the fundamentals are up to the mark except the 17-inch alloy design. (I’m not quite impressed with it.) However, the smaller wheel and larger sidewall helps the ride quality and it’s certainly advantageous in India’s poor, Mars inspired roads.


The XF follows the Jaguar tradition, with a range of front and longitudinally mounted engines and a rear-wheel drive. It is powered by a 2.0L turbo charged petrol engine, which is derived from Ford’ Ecoboost motor. The new XF churns out 240PS of healthy peak power at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque output of 340Nm at 1750 rpm.

2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4253 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4248 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4206

The best place to be seated in this car, is behind the wheel, surrounded by an exquisite interior. The first thing you observe is how precisely everything is designed. As soon as you push the switch, the rotary gear change knob rises up from the central console and the air vents spin open. You may think I’m being dramatic, but it’s even more mesmerising to witness. The foldable air vents protect the car from dust. The light inside comes with a feather touch response (a very small yet very noticeable aspect). Small details like this, will open your eyes as to how much of thought Jaguar is actually putting into its designing process.
The interiors are made of wood trim, brushed aluminum and leather. It is well distinguished and feels elegant.
The features include dual-zone air-conditioning, GPS navigation, 11-speaker audio system, mood lighting, touchscreen interface, reversing camera, leather upholstery and Bluetooth connectivity.
There were few who didn’t like the touch screen interface of the Jag, but I personally found it very user-friendly. There are no loose lines The fit and finish is top notch!

Seats are very comfortable. The front seats are electronically adjusted, but you cannot adjust the side bolts.
Rear seats gives a comfortable amount of legroom, but head room is not impressive – blame the coupe like rough lining. Boot space is almost 500 liters which is best in its class. One can split fold the seats to gain more boot space.


And now, we come to how it feels to drive this Jag.
The Jaguar XF weighs almost 2 tons, so it’s a heavy vehicle. It’s not a sports car, but an executive touring vehicle, so it’s being heavy is not a bad thing. The new 2.0L turbocharged petrol motor is refined and revs nicely. Turn the knob to D (Drive Mode) and you can easily maneuver the car in the city as well as on the highway. The weight is completely controlled– drive is smooth and light. It steers precisely; all you have to do is direct it. These aspects make the XF such a pleasure to drive in any situation, Unfortunately the low-speed ride is sluggish and uncomfortable, but comfort improves the faster you go. It cruises so effortlessly it might make you forget how many miles you have covered. The cabin is well insulated from all the external noises.

2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-3049 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-3073

The Jaguar XF gets Independent double wishbone suspensions at the front as well as rear end. The XF gets a wheelbase of almost 114.5 inches. We didn’t observe any kind of underside scrapping. In fact, the ground clearance is so impressive, that I don’t remember being extra cautious when we came to speed breakers. Well done JLR!


If, the amount of power you get in Drive mode is not enough for you, you can shift it to S (Sports Mode). But, unfortunately the sports mode or dynamic mode does not manipulate the steering and suspension. So basically, there is no earth shattering change in performance.

Anyway, overall, its a fun car to drive. Even being an executive class car, it surely has the potential to bring a smile on your face.

2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4233 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4269

Safety features include Emergency brake assist, Electronic brake-force distribution, Anti-lock brakes, Traction control (through engine and brake intervention), Dynamic Stability Control, Cornering brake control and Engine drag torque control.

The XF 2.0 is priced at 51.19 lakh which is more expensive than its competition. Putting smaller motor and extracting brilliant performance from it, has worked out brilliantly for Jaguar. The XF not only offers a smooth, but also a luxurious drive. This Indo-british car is surely capable of being a tough competitor to its German rivals. Considering how common it has become to see German cars on the road now a days, Jaguar is surely the executive car you want to be seen cruising and flaunting in.

2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4384Jag 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4340 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4331-2 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4274 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4267 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4276 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4177 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4203 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-56 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-65 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-37 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-34 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-33 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-14 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-41 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-69 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-69 2 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-49 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-46 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0--Front-rear-side-interior-27 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-3036 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4184 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4187 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4219 2015-Jaguar-JLR-XF-2.0-Front-rear-side-interior-4226

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