Koenigsegg asks you for €60,000 to change color of your car

Think twice, yes you always think twice before making any decision, let alone an expensive one at that. The automotive world shifted gears at the Geneva Autoshow 2015 by welcoming the 1700+ bhp Koenigsegg Regera and with that, no price is too high.

Koenigsegg Regera side profile

Koenigsegg Regera side profile

Check out the Koenigsegg Regera here.

Koenigsegg just let us know a few details of their cars and the kind of people who buy them. And yes, a paintjob alone will cost you €60,000, not to mention the additional 3 months required to complete it!

A Koenigsegg take 18 months to to go from raw metal to a road-burning hypercar and during those months if you have second thoughts about the color, that’s how much it going to cost you.


For those of you working out the maths in your heads, let me help you with that. A paintjob on a Agera will cost as much as a brand new Audi Q3!

Just a few days ago, Koenigsegg admitted the company might be working on a 4-door car. Take a look here.


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