Lamborghini Miura 1966: Untamed Passion – Untamed Dreams! Dennis Varni.

The thing about passion is that it never dies. Whether you’re poor or rich or whether you’re aged or young, it always stays and it always breeds! Passion for cars is never ending and for car enthusiasts, it is more than life! Collecting cars, restoring them, building them or even buying them!

Cars have been a major part of everyone’s life, may it be actors, politicians, players or may it be movies! Owning and driving a luxury vehicle is one of the most happening things of your life. This story happens to be of such an enthusiast, who once was a common guy in the crowd, but once he developed the taste, there was no looking back! Now he happens to be a collector of some of the rarest cars, car accessories and antique memorabilia!

Dennis Varni

Born and brought up in San Fransico for 4 years, Dennis was 4 when his family shifted to Los Gatos in 1947. His father then had joined the Green Valley Disposal company. Love for cars arose when Dennis being 14, kept an eye for Hot rods back in his school days! The elegant yet badass vehicles of those times, had everything to make him fall for them. The glossy paint, the chrome shining and a low rider stance. Every aspect of the car made you drool for it more!

Dennis Varni

Dennis Varni

He still remembers a guy driving a 1929-30′ roadster and wearing a bomber jacket, that was when the definition of cool was set for him. He was enthralled by the sheer site of that!

Varni first fell in love with the automobile legend the Lamborghini Miura 1966, when he saw the Miura in the showroom! But before that, the first vehicle he owned was a Model A Ford! This vehicle was bought by Dennis when he couldn’t even drive! That too, he earned every penny on his own by washing dishes, selling his train set as well as his clothes! Yes, that is madness! but that is what passion is! Owning the Model A Ford, he kept that mostly to himself for years! He ripped off the vehicle piece by piece and then learnt to put that thing back again into one piece again! Once he drove it out of his parking, he felt happy than ever!

Lamborghini Miura 1966

The Lamborghini Miura 1966 happens to be one of the most collectable and exotic cars of all times! It’s elegant, it’s classy, it’s everything you want in a collectable car! And not to forget, it also has got a huge price tag on it! The vehicle caught Varni’s eyes back in 1966′ when Lamborghini Miura cost $19,000 which was worth a fortune at those times and for some it even today is! Back then Dennis had just bought a house for him and his wife for $11,000 and that amount included a lot of his savings done from a variety of jobs done! Thus he never thought that he’d be able to buy that exotic car!

Lamborghini Miura 1966 red

Lamborghini Miura 1966 red

Years later, he found his lost love back in 1979 and then he bought it straight away! Thus just 13 years later, he was living his dream! Owning a Lamborghini Miura was a milestone in his life! Although he was still working and struggling, he felt like the happiest man on earth that day!

The Hotrod Guy

Being a hardcore sucker for hotrods, The Lamborghini Miura 1966 was the vehicle which made Dennis Varni fall for the beauty of European Sports cars! Over the years, after working in a liquor shop, Auto Spares store and also being an owner of a restaurant, Varni finally took over his father’s shares of the Green Valley Disposal Company in 1980 after he died. Varni then worked there until the company was taken over by USA Waste Management in 1999. This is when Varni finally retired from all the on paper jobs and payrolls he had and was then free to explore the wild world of automobiles.

Lamborghini Miura 1966 red

Lamborghini Miura 1966 red

Since then he is being able to pursue his hobby full time! He’s been collecting automobiles and any memorabilia related to cars and antiques in his Speed Nymphh Garage in San Jose. He has got a variety of collection which includes gas tanks, vehicles, exotics, accessories, neon singage, photos, artworks, tools, watches, classics, antiques and what not!Today, Varni’s collection of rare and exotic vehicles is a hot rod museum of classic American and muscle cars, street rods, foreign roadsters, trucks, sedans, buses, and coupes, and most importantly thirteen historic motorcycles.

Out of the Box

Out of the seventy to eighty vehicles, Varni owns, here’s a list of exotic yet rare vehicles he owns.

  1. 1929 Ford Highboy Roadster.(America’s Most Beautiful Roadster at the Oakland Auto Show in 1992)
  2. Dark green 1955 D-type Jaguar (Raced at Sebring)
  3. Canary yellow 1972 Ferrari Dino GT
  4. 1956 Austin Healy BN4
  5. Glossy aluminium 1965 Cobra SC
  6. 1957 Maserati 200
  7. 1961 Mercedes 300 SL
  8. 1971 Bertone Lamborghini Muira (Back then, the fastest production road car available)
  9. 1955 “Stinkin’ Lincoln” Capri
  10. 2 Fifties-era
  11. Egg-shaped BMW Isetta microcars
  12. Rolling Bones Tudor
  13. Playland-at-the-Beach bumper car
  14. 12-passenger 1936 Yellowstone Park tour bus ( The one which he always drives in Los Gatos Annual Day Parade).
  15. Speed Nymph 909 Streamliner

Collectible Exotic Working Cars

Out of every car or machine Varni owns, everything of it is working!Varni makes sure he keeps them running and maintained, each and every one of them. He takes them to rides, may it be just around the corner, or may it be around the world. Dennis Varni participates in Classic and Vintage car rallies organised all around the world and drives them there!

Lamborghni Miura Rear view

Lamborghni Miura Rear view

Asking him of his collections worth, Varni says,“This is like collecting fine art to me. It’s my passion, my hobby”. No Doubt the collection is worth more than a couple of million dollars,  he wants to keep adding more to it. He’s sad about getting old though, that doesn’t stop him from doing his thing. He wakes up, has breakfast with his family and does cars! Whole day along he is in his garage and he returns at night again to be with his family!  He has got his custom designed 3500 feet showroom garage behind in 1890 Victorian Home in Los Gatos.

Never Settle

Varni now happens to be a 74-year-old man and he wants to enjoy his cars till the end. And after him, he expects someone to do the same with his collection. Varni never settled for less in his life, may it be at the time of buying his own and very first Model A Ford or at the time of buying the Lamborghini Miura. Eventually, he got every bit of it. He worked for his first vehicle, and he still works on every of his vehicle today! The aim is not to buy cars and to stack them in a car lot. The point is not to pay people to take care of them. The point is to get your hands dirty, the point is to live your cars. To experience them, to breathe them! That is the point! That is passion!

No matter what you do, make sure you run behind your dreams and no societal mannerisms or to achieve described motives of life like property and wealth. Life is about more! It is about worshiping your passion, it’s about living your dream, no matter what age you are, no matter what you do, you can always be passionate about something and achieve it at some or the other point of life. Money is not a big deal if your love and passion are strong enough, you yourself will find a way to make it happen. If a 14-year-old could do it, why not you?

  • Lamborghini Miura 1966: Untamed Passion

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