Lamborghini to make 20 hypercars, each worth $1.2 Million

Lamborghini designs have always been ostentatious, flamboyant and years ahead of time. Something that would be miles ahead even by their standards might be just happening if we are to believe reports floating around on the web. Off all the cars on display during the Pebble Beach weekend, the most exclusive show took place in a locked room — where a handful of wealthy guests got to see Lamborghini unveil a hologram. The reports of this presentation are slowly trickling down in the public domain.


Lamborghini might be building a new car for the Geneva Motor Show. And it will be expensive even by Lamborghini standards. Just $1.2 million for one of these hypercars which will be limited to 20 copies to maintain the ultra exclusive club.

The hypercar will be in direct competition with the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Prosche 918 Spyder. Lamborghini has a knack of dishing out ultra exclusive editions at motor shows. The Veneno was built for 12 customers of with 9 were roadsters and the rest were coupes. Even the Sesto Elemento was limited to 20  numbers.

Former Editor-in-Chief of Jalopnik ,Travis Okulski cited Lambo’s CEO Stephen Winkelmann as the source of confirmation on the new supercar, but claimed an additional source for reporting on its hybrid status.

In the mean time Lamborghini is also readying its first ever SUV, the Urus for launch in 2017. With this launch, Lamborghini wants to double the number of models sold by year 2018 which currently stands at 3000 units per year.

Lamborghini Urus Concept

Lamborghini Urus Concept

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