Mahindra Scorpio to get new Automatic 6-speed gearbox

Yesterday, Mahindra launched the much awaited automatic XUV 500. The new automatic is a 6-speed torque converter sourced from the Japanese supplier Aisin. At this event itself, Mahindra announced that it is planing to equip the Mahindra Scorpio automatic with the same transmission. The new gearbox provides smoother gear changes and reduces transmission losses.

The existing Mahindra Scorpio automatic was launched in July. It is currently sold at INR 13.13 lacs (ex-showroom). This gearbox is sourced from the Australian supplier Drivetrain Systems International (DSI). The new autobox sourced from Japan is better than the existing one from DSI.

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“A transmission similar to the one used in the XUV500 can be adapted in the Mahindra Scorpio in the future,” Hemant Sikka, Executive Vice President & Chief Purchasing Officer, Automotive and Farm Sectors said, “With Aisin, we have gone for a long-term relationship. Going ahead, our first preference will be Aisin for all our new projects, depending on their torque values,” he added.

Mahindra will now jointly work with Aisin to alter the gearbox to suit the rear-wheel drive Scorpio. The autobox was originally meant for the front-wheel drive XUV 500. Moreover, the Mahindra Scorpio has a traditional ladder-frame chassis with a longitudinally-mounted engine. This will make it even more difficult for the autobox to match the engine.

However, Mahindra has some time left as it has to clear all the gearboxes from the DSI stored in its factory. The sale of Mahindra Scorpio automatic is not something to boast about. The company sells around 70-80 units a month. 4,719 units of Mahindra Scopio were sold in the month of October. With this, the average sale has gone up to 4,100 units a month in the April-October period.

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