Maruti Baleno-rivaling Tata 45X Premium Hatchback: Images, details and more

Tata Motors has released studio images of the 45X premium hatchback concept. This car will follow the H5X SUV into the Indian market next year. It will be one of Tata’s two big launches for 2019, and is expected to be in the market by the second half of next year.

Don’t expect all design cues from the concept version to make it to the production version. The concept shows a lot of futuristic and even unrealistic design cues and features. Most of these features and design bits will be deleted or toned down to make the car suitable for production in terms of cost and practicalness.

As much as we’d hate to see the panoramic sunroof go, such a feature on a premium hatchback priced at par or even below the Hyundai Elite i20 and Maruti Baleno seems inconceivable. The same is with the 20 inch wheels, which look super cool on the concept, but may give the production car major headaches in terms of ride quality and tyre cost.

The production version of the H5X will be much more practical, and will borrow parts from the Tiago. In fact, both the petrol and diesel engines of the new car will come from the Tiago. However, they will be turbocharged to produce higher power and torque outputs.

Tata Motors has also revealed that it’s considering a twin clutch automatic gearbox for the 45X but at launch, only manual options are expected. We expect the 45X to be Tata’s most expensive hatchback in India, but priced lower than the i20 and Baleno for a solid competitive edge.

The car will be based on the Advanced Modular Platform, known as AMP, and in future this platform will be used for more cars like sedans, MPVs and crossovers. The 45X will also use the Impact 2.0 design philosophy, also seen on the H5X SUV.

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