Meet Letrons, The Real Life Transformers!

The New Era.

So Finally the new years upon us and people have shifted to their daily hectic schedules and boring Routines. Well in such a situation while you are driving to your office and once you enter the parking area and you see a car standing(practically standing on its legs) in front of you, don’t get panicked! Cause that is something which you should expect in a couple of days or say months. The transformers are here!

Transforming Antimon. (SOURCE)

Transforming Antimon. (SOURCE)

So all those guys out there who love the thought of cars transforming into their savior and mates, guys your day has dawned! A group of bad-ass Turkish Engineers have made this dream of us come true. These people have a startup running, known as Letvision. These people have introduced the first group of transformers formerly known as the ‘Letrons’.

Transformers aka ‘Letrons’

Letrons Graphical

Letrons Graphical.(SOURCE)

These Letrons can actually transform into a man like or robotic structure and the best part is that they are actually made from the real life working cars! The ‘Antimon’ as they call it, is actually made up of a BMW-3 Series. These Letrons are said to be the worlds first actual transforming machines, which are inspired by the Transformers (fictional Characters) and are actually being running and tested to this extent. It is a fully functioning project.The company said, “Letrons carries the first and only of its kind specialty in the world with full performance conversion in one to one scale and excellent technical data.”

BMW 3-series. aka LETRON

BMW 3-series. aka LETRON.(SOURCE)


With all that functionality, Letrons are right now handled by remote controls and can be driven by the Remote access. Although these vehicles are not out in drivable traffic, these beasts are expected to get on the road in a couple of years or months. These transformers can actually transform from a running BMW to a standing Robot, which actually has got a spooky head and also can move its hands, wrists and fingers. Also, the neck moves and the head pops out, which is the best part! The Antimon can also talk they say, just that it can’t walk for now.

Functionality Goals.(SOURCE)

Functionality Goals.(SOURCE)

A dream come true!

For the overall project to be a success, it took 8 months for these guys and they have made something really appreciable. On a scale of 1 to 10, these people need an 11. For further development, these guys are expecting more funding. Thereafter they can make the ‘Letrons’ walk and get into a more realistic and live form. The Promotional video posted by these guys with a background music from the movie gives it a bit of additional touch.

Featured Image.(SOURCE)


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