Frankfurt Motor Show Launches: Mercedes Benz Concept IAA

Theatre. This car is pure theatre. Mercedes-Benz has shown the world’s most aerodynamic car which could be put to use in the future. Mercedes Benz Concept IAA is a car which increases its lenght by a staggering 390mm when you cross speeds of 80kmph. How cool is that? We are used to the spoiler popping up with the current supercars and hypercars and what not. But this is something on a different level totally.

The statistics thrown at us by Mercedes are quite intriguing as well.  Two 12.3-inch displays handle the job of communicating information to the occupants. Its drag coefficient? Just 0.19Cd. To nearest is the Mercedes Benz CLA saloon.


Notice the rear end that is extended!!

Notice the rear end that is extendedwhen compared to the above image!!

How do they achieve it? The front bumper features panels that extend 25mm forward into the airflow, while a Cruella deVil-spec valance protrudes an extra 20mm out of the back. The front bumper retreats some 60mm underneath the car, and even the wheels seal up to cut drag. And I am still trying to get my head around the shape-changing nature of the car.

The 5.04m long concept is powered by a 274bhp petrol-electric plug-in powertrain that propels it to a 155mph top speed. Yet CO2 emissions are claimed to be just 28g/km in its most efficient mode, with a 20 mile all-electric range.

Clearly, this is in purely concept stage with absolutely no possibility of this hitting the tarmac anytime soon. But Concept IAA just managed to open up a whole new world with regards to aerodynamically efficient cars. Do we like the looks? Not so much. But a fast car is all about how fast it goes. After all, the Nissan GT-R is not one of the most beautiful cars around. But, heck it is pure adrenaline. Hope the Concept IAA turns into a monster!!

Mercedes_Concept_iaa_2 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_7 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_5 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_4 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_6 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_11 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_12 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_13 Mercedes_Concept_iaa_8

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