Mercedes-Benz to give its cars Human Eyes

[tps_header]Mercedes-Benz is developing a system that will allow its cars to see and detect objects on the street just like human eyes.[/tps_header]

Modern day cars come with a lot of safety features to give you a better and safe driving experience. Features like Auto Braking, Active Cruise Control, etc. in the exclusive line up of leading automobiles companies around the world, gives us a chance to relax and let the car do its business. Features like ABS and ESP feels like thoughts of yesteryear. But, Mercedes-Benz  has decided to go to the next level by giving its cars a system that can actively detect objects on the street and differentiate them. The system then works with other features like auto braking to control the car to avoid accidents. It will be a camera based system that ‘sees’ in 3D. Mercedes has even started testing the system on road in Germany. So, the production of these systems can be expected anytime soon.

To go in detail, the system is fed with thousands of photos of different roads of cities of Germany. The ‘Environment Sensing’ Team then marked all objects in the photos and divided them into 25 different categories such as humans, animals, trees, vehicles, cyclists, lamp poles, buildings, etc. The system is then supposed to differentiate and detect any object on the road that can create disturbance in driving even if it is partially hidden. The company claims the system can even anticipate the movement of objects that can come in between the road from the sides. The highly functional computers are connected like a human brain and hence the system can learn from its mistakes and adapt things from the environment.

Diamler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz has made 5 test vehicles fitted with this system and is now testing specific functions of the system on specific cars. The cars were able to detect the objects on the road and discriminate among them, anticipate their next moves by their body postures and movements, actively make a 3D map around the car when travelling in new areas. The cars were also able to help the drivers in lane changing during heavy city traffic by anticipating situations and sensed the drivers movement and anticipated a lane change to give side signals for notifying other drivers around the car.

Production version of this technology has very little work left on it. So we can even expect the launch next year itself. These are the features that are supposed to change the automotive industry like never before. We are the generation to witness miraculous changes in the driving experience that has prevailed since the beginning.

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