Mercedes R-Class Returns In China Again After A Slippery; Could Return In Other markets Too

Who told Mercedes R-class is down to the earth. The hopes were never shattered and the trust for R- Class has finally arrived in some markets across globe. While we check on that;

The R class was available from 2006 until 2013, when it was withdrawn from almost every international market due to slow sales. But it remains in production for China, where it continues to be popular. The German automaker axed the R-Class in all other major markets in 2013 due to slow sales.

First introduced on the market in 2006, the Mercedes R-Class got updated in 2010 with some major styling changes, but that didn’t help the popularity of the luxury minivan-esque model. But the market has changed in the last few years, with more crossovers invading and grabbing a large hold of the automotive market and Mercedes admits it could have pulled the plug on the R-Class too hastily.

Mercedes R Class

Mercedes R Class

At the recent launch of the new Mercedes GLE and GLE Coupe models in Europe, the automaker’s vice-president of product group SUVs and sports cars, Wolf-Dieter Kurz, admits that the R-Class is under consideration for a revival. In speaking about adding more variants and opportunities for the crossover and SUV segments, Kurz said “There was already one that we had in the portfolio – maybe we were too early – which was the R-Class, which we are still selling in China. It’s doing good, with 12,000 to 14,000 units per year.”

While it’s not directly stating that Mercedes will revive the R-Class, Kurz hints at the idea. If the R-Class does get revived, expect it to depart away from its traditional minivan and station wagon design to more of a crossover, especially since the U.S. market isn’t very receptive to wagons and minivans now.

The departure of the R class from the company’s lineup left a hole in terms of size and utility, with only the GLE and the GLS offering similar amounts of room, though in a distinctly SUV wrapper.

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