Mercedes S-Class Convertible spied in Germany

The Mercedes S-Class has been referred to as the best car in the world for quite a while now. Now Mercedes has started working on an S-Class convertible to be launched next year.

Mercedes S-Class Convertible 2015

Mercedes S-Class Convertible 2015

The S-Class is one of the longest cars in the world and the S-Cabriolet will not be any different. It stretches for more than 5 meters and will be the largest convertible to be built, ever! The soft-top version will be based on the present, W222, version of the S-Class.

Mercedes will not skimp on accessories and luxury of the passengers though, it will get all the bells and whistles which the regular S gets. They might have leave out a few but they would be more than compensated by the looks and stares the car would attract.

Mercedes S-Class Convertible 2015

Mercedes S-Class Convertible 2015

Mercedes’ Magic Body Control will be employed here as well to keep body roll to a minimum. The car will also feature Magic Vision Control, COMAND ICE system, parking sensors with rear camera and a 12.3 inch TFT display. Being a convertible Mercedes does not mean you`ll get lots of outside noise inside the cabin, the company engineers will work day and night to keep the sound levels inside the cabin to a bare minimum, as you would expect in any Mercedes.

The car will be available in three trims, S500 cabriolet, S63 AMG cabriolet and a mad S65 AMG cabriolet. THe S500 will generate 455 hp and 700Nm from a 4.7 lit V8. The S63 will have a 5.5 lit V8 under the hood which will produce 585 hp and 900 Nm of torque. The insane S65 AMG will have a humongous 6.0 lit V12 to give 630 hp and 1000 Nm of max power and torque. The S500 should get all-wheel drive in markets with LHD.

The S-Class Convertible, or the A222, will most like debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next year but Mercedes may launch it a few months prior to that to cash in on the summer of 2015.


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