Mitsubishi teases

A tease, a promise…What have the Japanese got here?

They don’t really want to say it out loud, just a whisper. Mitsubishi released a couple of teaser trailer sketches of their new crossover SUV. It will be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor show.

2014-Mitsubishi Concept Sketch-Front

2014-Mitsubishi Concept Sketch-Front

Let’s try and decipher what we can from these images.

A proud stance and a refreshed grill are quite evident in the silhouettes. There is a hint of a DRL beneath the eyes and those tiny mirrors remain to be seen if actually are that tiny. They look like cute ears in this perspective sketch though and I don’t think cute will be an expression that the Mitsubishi would be targeting.

2015-Mitsubishi Concept Sketch-Profile

2015-Mitsubishi Concept Sketch-Profile

A quick glance at the profile sketch and the striking tail light grabs attention. The Volvo XC-60 has made that section quite its own in recent times. This design proposal from Mitsubishi should give it a run for its money. The body details appear to be a deep muscle unlike a crease. The muscle seems deeper than the recent Honda’s design language on their City or Jazz cars. It would be interesting to see the overall package.

Mitsubishi says the concept showcases its “future-oriented attitude” and is a “declaration of intent” for the company’s future directions in PHEV technology as well as an embodiment of its new design direction.

What new direction have the designers imagined for Mitsubishi remains to be seen. The teaser trailers are there to create just enough excitement. Did they succeed? The red in the sketch got me man! Hope this promise by the Japanese is as bright as it seems.

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