Mumbai to follow Delhi’s odd even plan

The odd even plan will be implemented in the Navi Mumbai area if the plan goes well in Delhi.


Almost all of us are aware about Delhi Government’s new odd even plan. It is aimed at reducing the air pollution in one of the most polluted cities in the world. According to this plan, the private cars whose registration number ends with an odd number can be driven on one day and that with an even number can be driven on another day. This means, private cars can only be driven on alternative days. It faced a lot of criticism initially. But, it is seeing a little support now.

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Navi Mumbai’s traffic authorities seem to be moved by Delhi’s odd even plan. But, the decision will be taken once the plan works well in Delhi. “Let’s see how the plan rolls out. It would help to reduce the number of vehicles but the state has to take a call.” Arvind Salve, DCP, traffic department said.

The authorities are looking up to the odd even plan because of thee increasing number of vehicle registrations at Vashi and Panvel transport offices. The vehicles passing through the area are also matter of concern. There are 1.5 lakh vehicles which use the national highways going through the area to go out of Mumbai.

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“The rural areas require more public transport to ensure that this model can be implemented,” said Panvel RTO Arun Yeola.

According to  Sanjay Dhaygude, Deputy RTO, Vashi, the carbon footprint will decline with the law resulting in a 50% reduction of vehicles on the road. He also stated that 26% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused due to the use of petroleum products.

However, this plan will not affect vehicles used for emergency services. Before implementing the plan, the already good public transport system will be improved to house the additional due to the odd even plan. The plan is already implement for auto rikshaws in a town called Jind in Haryana.

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