Nano Scores ZERO in Global NCAP test

Alto K10 without Airbag frontal crash test

Alto K10 without Airbag frontal crash test

Our beloved Tata Nano has achieved something yet again, a full `0` on safety tests conducted by global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme).

The NCAP test, conducted last month at ADAC  in Landsberg, Bavaria comprises of officials buying two models of the car from regular company showrooms and transporting them back to Germany for the tests to be conducted. Representatives of the company are asked to be present when the test is being conducted.

The Nano underwent two tests, one at 56kmph and another at 64kmph. In both these tests the Nano scored no marks on a scale of 1-5.

In one of these tests the Nano under test turned around its axle by around 150 degrees and skidded a few meters to its left. The right front wheel burst through the floor of the car and crushed the dummies legs. The right wrist of the dummy was hanging at the cross-section between the windscreen and the side window. The nose of the car was deformed to such an extent that it wrapped itself around the dummy in the driver seat.

Along with the Nano, four other made-in-India cars were tested: MS Alto 800, VW Polo, Hyundai i10 and the Ford Figo. Since the most basic variant is tested, none of the cars had Airbags, a safety necessity. Of these only the Figo and the Polo fared good (well.. not good, just better than others) in terms of structural rigidity which means they have a safer passenger cabin. The others were like cardboard boxes.

How does it concern you? For a car market of our size the number of fatalities are off the chart as compared to others. Nearly 1,42,000 people die on Indian roads each year. In comparison the count in Brazil is 38,000 and China is 68,000.

Car Safety is a very complex thing since it not only caters to passengers inside the car but pedestrians outside the car as well. So not must the car be good at safety but the driver must follow traffic rules as well and keep the car maintained. Let that be a reminder to all of you reading this.

Source: Global NCAP


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