Nexa Customer Service Goes Premium With Dedicated Nexa Service Chain

Maruti has gone one step ahead to make Nexa Customer service more premium. The company has opened its first dedicated Nexa Service center in Gurgaon. The company will open more than 30 Nexa service centers in metro cities in the first phase. These locations are decided as per highest car sales from Nexa outlets.

What is the improvement in Nexa Customer Service?

Nexa Service Center inside

Nexa Service Center inside

The Nexa service centers are introduced to increase efficiency and productivity of service personnel and at the same time enhance the after sales experience of Nexa chain. A dedicated central point of contact for the customer will be available at the outlet. The customers will also be able to book their vehicle service online.

Special Customer Lounge for Nexa Customer Service

Nexa Customer Service Lounge

Nexa Customer Service Lounge

Customers will be able to use the special lounge area and watch their vehicle get serviced through a glass partition. The lounge gets plush seating arrangements along with Wi-Fi setup and LED screens showcasing specially designed videos, showcasing the tech bits of Maruti vehicles.

How will the Nexa Service Centers work?

Nexa Service Center inside

Nexa Service Center inside

After booking an appointment, a dedicated service bay will be assigned at given appointment time. Once the customer arrives, the entrance to the service area, unique RFID tag will be scanned and the access to service bay will open automatically. Upon receiving of a vehicle, a dedicated service advisor will be assigned and he will use a tablet based job card. No more paper work.

Fast-track service

A reverse countdown of service will start once the vehicle enters at fast-track service lane. This will ensure the correct delivery time of the vehicle within 180 minutes.

Push Notifications

If the customer decides to leave the vehicle in the outlet, a smartphone Nexa app will be able to give live updates about service. The app also enables them to have a live chat with the service advisor while their vehicle is being serviced.

No More Road tests

Nexa Service Center inside

Nexa Service Center inside

The Nexa service center will be equipped with roller tracks to completely eliminate road testing of the vehicle. These roller tracks will be in-house and everything can be checked on it may be not the rough road conditions.

Who can opt this Nexa Customer Service?

The Nexa customer service is available to cars sold under Nexa showrooms. These include Ignis, Baleno, S-Cross and recently added Ciaz. Expect a 20% bump in the service price over standard Maruti service centers.

The dedicated Nexa sales outlet worked for Maruti and we are sure that this dedicated Nexa service centers will also work for the brand. The company has almost 50 percent market share in the vehicle sold in this country. And till today hardly any product failed to do well in the market that is sold under Maruti brand.

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