Next Gen Land Rover Defender to come with 5 different body types

The existing Land Rover Defender will be discontinued in January 2016.

When we look into the history of Land Rover, the Defender comes in as the most accomplished SUV built by the company. The iconic SUV has undergone a number of updates since its launch in 1948. The Land Rover Defender has created a benchmark in the off-roading segment. But as they say in marketing classes, a product however good, has to die someday. The legendary Defender has lived its life as a star and is going to die star’s death next month. The SUV will be discontinued by January 2015. The reason stated is the inability to cope with new emission norms and crash safety standards.

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However, the Jaguar Land Rover group will not let us down completely. A report recently stated that the company is planning to bring a modern Defender in 2018. The new Land Rover Defender will be an affordable go-anywhere SUV that will have the body of a 21st century car with a soul of the original Defender. The new SUV will sit between the Discovery and the luxurious Range Rover family.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

Reports state that the new Land Rover Defender will come in five body styles. Two of them will be two-door variants, a four-door variant and pick-ups based on the two and four door variants. Providing these body styles, the company aims at attracting new buyers looking for something modern with a rich heritage.

The JLR group aims at selling 1,00,000 units of the new Land Rover Defender every year. Around 10,000 units of the ongoing Defender are sold annually. The company expects such a wide demand for their new product. The new SUV is aimed at achieving commercial success at an expense of diluting the hard-core ethos of the original Defender. The SUV will be launched in 2018 which means it will hit the stores by 2019.

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