Nine million hybrid vehicles sold worldwide : Toyota Motors

Japanese Automaker Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) had embarked on a very serious mission back in August 1997 to save planet Earth. It did it by selling it’s first Hybrid EV Vehicle “Coaster” and also The Prius which debuted in December in the very same year.

Toyota Mirai side profile

Toyota Mirai side profile

Now fast forward to 2016, Toyota Motor Corporation has sold 9 million hybrid vehicles globally. 9.014 million units to be precise (As Of 30th April 2016). It is also selling 33 hybrid passenger car models and one plug-in hybrid (PHV) model in more than 90 countries and regions

Toyota calculates that as of April 30, the use of Toyota Hybrid vehicles in lieu of conventional vehicles of similar size and driving performance has resulted in approximately 67 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions―believed to be a cause of global warming. Toyota also estimates that its hybrid vehicles have saved approximately 25 million kiloliters of gasoline compared to the amount used by gasoline-powered vehicles in the same class

Says the Japanese manufacturer.

The spectacular thing about the latest feat of Toyota’s hybrid range is the fact that the company achieved this new milestone in just nine months after its latest multi-million total.

However, The figure posted by Toyota Motors is just an estimate. The assessment is based on the number of registered hybrids. When factoring in the distance travelled by the Hybrids, The fuel efficiency and conversion CO2 conversion factor associated along with it, The direct benefit is somehow impossible to be gauged.

The Japanese corporation also wants to do more for the environment than just sell as many hybrids as possible. The biggest automaker from Japan has announced the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 (TEC 2050) , a plan that is aimed to reduce the negative impact of automobiles on global environmental health. Toyota was concentrating on lowering the damage already done and very keen on achieving the 0 percent damage target in order to save the environment.


Last Year, Toyota added a hybrid model of the popular version of the minivan, the Sienta and began selling the latest hybrid icon ; The 4thgeneration Prius.

Outside Japan, Toyota Motors had introduced the Corolla and Levin hybrid models in China with the locally-produced hybrid systems and added a hybrid model of the RAV4 to its ever-increasing hybrid line-up.

The latest member which was added to Toyota’s hybrid family is the Prius Prime which was unveiled a couple of months ago in New York. Expected to go on sale soon, The plug-in hybrid car promises to return 120 MPGe (Miles Per Gallon equivalent) and can cover about 22 miles (35 kms) when running on electric power alone. With the combination of the Battery pack all charged up and a tankful of gasoline, The Prius Prime will offer a total range of more than 600 miles (965 kms).

The next big plan for Toyota Motors is to sell 1.5 million hybrid vehicles per year, as well as to reach an aggregate sales figure of 15 million hybrid cars by 2020. At the rate at which Toyota is expanding its hybrid car line-up, This with some effort can easily be attainable.

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