The Not So Required 0-60 Time Record For Electric Vehicles

There are people on this earth which co-exist with us, who are born without a purpose. These are people who do the most no required things of all times.There are people on this earth which co-exist with us, who are born without a purpose. These are people who do the most non-required things of all times.

Things such as inventing some shitty no useful thoughts, or machines and gadgets which don’t have a need to exist. These also are the people which do the stuff such as calculating the time required for an electric vehicle to go from 0-60. It is like calculating efficiency and comfort of an inner which you have bought from your friend of yours in an emergency situation. No matter what, it isn’t going to be comforting as your used to comfort level.

The Need Of Electric Cars:

Similarly, when electric cars were made, they were made just to provide a substitute for vehicles which run on fuel such as petroleum. Provided as a sheer solution, electric cars always have got their pros and cons. Needless to say, these vehicles weren’t made to run on your race tracks and to break lap records. These vehicles were made on a thought that if one fine day, we aren’t left with any kind of petroleum to run our vehicles, then this will help us out in locomotion.

On the other hand, electric vehicles are environment-friendly. As they don’t emit any kind of poisonous or harmful gases, these vehicles prove to be a good point in serving and saving out mother nature. People are readily accepting and using electric vehicles with all these thoughts in their minds and then there are our lunatic friends. People who test the electric vehicles on test tracks. Who record their 0-60 time lapse and then accuse, that how electric vehicles are slow and boring and what not. Just to remind them, as their friend’s inners don’t make them feel comfortable in every aspect, similarly, electric vehicles weren’t made for this testing purpose of yours. Their soul purpose was to provide with a clean ride which won’t emit any kind of harmful gases, and as an alternative and solution for rising petrol and diesel prices. Period.

Never Ending:

However technology has gotten far, and however fast the Tesla goes from 0-60, no-one really cares! there’s is really no need to do that. I’m sure in coming years we’ll also have a human test of how does a human go from 0-60 on a treadmill and in what time!

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