We salute NSG Commandos as They Ride Across The Nation to Empower Citizens to Fight Against Terror

NSG’s 15 Commandos are on a 7000km ride astride Royal Enfield Stealth Black Classic 500s, spreading awareness against terror. This is one of the first kind of ride by special forces in India to fight against Terror. We salute NSG as they ride across the nation to empower citizens to fight against terror. Watch the video below posted by Royal Enfield official twitter account.

The ride will cover many cities including NSG’s regional hubs at Gandhinagar, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata during 7000-km odyssey to spread the message of Fight Against Terror. This is also a celebration of NSG’s 33 years of service toward the nation and fighting against terror.

What is Royal Enfield Stealth Black 500?

Royal Enfield 500 Stealth Black

Royal Enfield 500 Stealth Black

Introduced in 2008, the Royal Enfield Classic is designed on the lines of the J2 and it is a tribute to the retro look of British motorcycles in the post-World War II era. The Classic retains the quintessential classic British styling of the 1950s; simple, harmonious, proportioned and finished. Powered by Royal Enfield’s 500cc unit construction engine (UCE), front & rear mudguards, the headlight casing, the fuel tank, the oval toolbox, the exhaust fins, the speedometer dials, the single-seat spring saddle, tail light assembly and the headlamp cap, all these conform to the native imagery of British motorcycles in the aftermath of World War II.


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