Otto’s Self Driven truck Delivers Beer in an Autonomous Truck

So now. we have come to a point where in real life, autonomous trucks have started to deliver shipment. So maybe we can declare that somewhere we are getting more used to the Mechanical and Automatic life. An era will soon be upon us where robots will take over our labour. Thereafter, no man will be doing his own work.

Otto Self Driven.(SOURCE)

Otto Self Driven.(SOURCE)

So basically a Tractor Truck delivers Budweiser’s beer shipment 120 miles away from its pickup point. Most importantly, it delivers the shipment without any accidents or incidents occurred. The vehicle being continuously monitored by Uber Technologies Inc. and Anheuser-Busch InBev NV. They teamed up for the delivery and successfully delivered a commercial shipment in an autonomous truck. This was the first time ever that an autonomous truck delivered a commercial delivery.

Otto The Self Driving Truck :

Cabin with no Driver.(SOURCE)

Cabin with no Driver.(SOURCE)

This stunt was performed by Otto, the self-driving vehicle group that Uber acquired in July. Just to prove that, such an autonomous truck could be driven in the open chaotic world full of traffic. It drove mostly through the Highway. The truck travelled 120 miles in a day, successfully delivering the package. The truck was occupied by a co-driver(human). He was sitting in the rear sleeping cab for all this while.

Suited With Cameras .(SOURCE)

Suited With Cameras .(SOURCE)

“We wanted to show that the basic building blocks of the technology are here; we have the capability of doing that on a highway, We are still in the development stages, iterating on the hardware and software.” were his word-Lior Ron, the president and co-founder of Uber’s Otto unit.

Controversy :

With all that said, no doubt the labour union of truck drivers would have a question in their mind. America’s major population happens to be employed in the trucking industry. Hence, the company declared that the vehicle will be complete with a co-driver. He will drive while being in and around the city. On highways, the Autodrive would takeover. This will also help save fuel. Apart from that will let the driver have rest, and also that the distances could be travelled at night without taking any halts.

This will help save $50 million a year in the U.S. If the beverage giant could deploy autonomous trucks across its supply network, and also if drivers continued to ride along as a supplement to the technology. These savings would come from reduced fuel costs and with more frequent delivery schedule.

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