Paul Walker’s dad files a law suit against Porsche

Paul Walker’s dad has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Porsche for lack safety features in the car.

Paul Walker was popularly know for his car chase franchisee, The Fast and the Furious. The actor is seen driving some very fast cars and doing the most dramatic stunt. He always faces death in its eyes and come backs. Sadly, he could not make it in real life. Two years ago, he was sitting on the passenger seat of his Porsche Carrera GT and his friend Roger Rodas was driving. When suddenly, Roger lost his control and the car bumped into a tree leading to a blast that took the life out of both of them.

Now, Paul Walker’s dad on Wednesday filed a law suit against Porsche. Paul William Walker III has accused that the car did not have enough safety features which could have saved his son’s life. He also says that Porsche knew that the Carrera GT has a history of instability and control issues. 

Porsche will have to face severe problems if the actor’s dad wins the case. Fans will obviously support Paul Walker’s dad. The actor had a very large number of fans. The reason behind this was that he was not only a very good actor but an even better human being. He donated huge amounts for charity. Most of which was never disclosed. A lot of charities done by him were revealed after his death which increased his popularity. The huge success of the seventh part of the Fast and Furious sequel was a part of this popularity.



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