Range Rover Evoque capability test drive – Video of the Day

Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque has been a benchmark in the company’s history. It is a luxury SUV with the Land Rover DNA. Talking about the Land Rover, it is a company manufacturing most driver friendly off-roading SUVs. A basic difference between the Land Rover products and other off-roaders such as Mercedes G Wagon, etc. is that the SUV does it for you. Other machines let you select from the available options for power delivery, suspension set up, etc. But the Land Rover’s computer does it for us.

But why are talking about Land Rovers? Because a video featuring the company’s flagship Range Rover Evoque has made it to our Video of the Day. Most of us may have seen this video before, it is that famous. Actually these are videos of the day as it has three episodes.

The first episode starts with a skate boarder challenging the Range Rover Evoque to do what he does on the skate board. The SUV does everything expected from climbing a staircase to riding on three wheels. Enjoy the video below for the complete film.

The second episode has the Evoque driving in a skate park. The first shot starts with the SUV getting down the platform on three wheels. Actually three wheels on the ground and one high in the air. It seems like a piece of cake for the SUV. The Range Rover Evoque then enters a tunnel with waters. Rest of the action can be grabbed from the video below.

The third episode is the most special one with the Range Rover Evoque climbing a 45 degrees slope and then also comes down from there. The slope is like a mountain where the Evoque can hardly fit. Enjoy the video below with the full footage. Happy Motoring! 🙂

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