Land Rover Velar Launch Confirmed On 1st March 2017!

As upcoming launches make their way this year and give the car enthusiasts a reason to live and are excited about, here comes a massive surprise from the International Indian Car Maker. Although there’s nothing much that you can get out of the picture, but the thing is that, whatever you see makes you happy n0o doubt!

2017 Land Rover Velar:

2017 Land Rover Velar is the filling gap between the Range Rover Evoque and the sports F-Pace. The vehicle says so much just from the rear view bird’s eye view picture, it seems to be just amazing!

Land Rover velar

Land Rover velar

Although that reference for the name doesn’t make much sense for a production car. But if you think that the car maker was successful covering the production of the vehicle for all this time, then yes! The name does make a sense.

There’s nothing much revealed at the time, but then you can expect some bad ass tech, as the visuals suggest the Velar seems to be more of an offroader and me might expect some riding modes and high-tech gadgets with supreme compatibility. the interiors are always so sweet and minimalistic, but are top of the class and hence make it so premium luxury and happening inside, that you’ll never feel low driving in a Range Rover series.

The Range Rover Series

The Range Rover Series

Land Rover’s upcoming baby is about to have a scheduled launch on the 1st of march 2017! until then let’s expect some outstanding stuff stuffed in the vehicle and delivered.

Stay tuned for updates post launch!


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