Royal Enfield Continental GT sets land speed record

Bonneville Salt Flats- a place where land speed records are made. This time around stealing the limelight is a modified Royal Enfield Continental GT, which set a land speed record in the 500 MPPS (Modified Pushrod Partially Streamlined) category by clocking an average unofficial speed of 157.2 km/h.

RE Continental GT rider and tuner

RE Continental GT rider and tuner

The Continental GT was modified by ace tuner and performance part manufacturer Matt Capri, who modified the GT’s cylinder head, throttle bodies, pistons, cam shafts and exhaust system, which increased the power output of the GT to over 60 PS as opposed to the standard 29.1 BHP. Matt Capri also stated that the Continental GT sports an exceptional framework, powerful brakes, an advanced rear suspension and a chassis which is capable of supporting an additional horsepower output.

RE Continental GT  tuner

RE Continental GT tuner

RE Continental GT  rider

RE Continental GT rider

Riding this quick beast was Nadine de Freitas, who holds a doctorate in Physical Therapy, who decided to make a name for herself – except it was a land speed record on a Royal Enfield. Nadine also commented saying ” the street bike transforms into a race bike perfectly and it handles and brakes well- a perfect track-worth bike”.

The speed week at Bonneville is a place where tuners, riders and drivers test their machines, pushing it to its limit. This time the Royal Enfield Continental GT emerged the winner in the 500 MMPS category- thumbs up!

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