This Russian Centipede Truck is the Best Off roading Machine Ever!

Offroading Obsession:

 Safari Storme offroading

Safari Storme offroading

As years pass by, the number of people who are interested in getting their hands dirty are increasing considerably. May it be offroading shows on national television or may it be the sheer adrenaline rush you have on the thought of taking your vehicle over barren lands and exploring it there. The point is Offroading and exploring now happens to be a major part of the automotive industries branches. Vehicles are now available to take you from land to water and in and out of swamps and deserts and this all can be done by a single vehicle!

Ever-increasing Demands:

With advancements in fields of manufacturing and quality control, people now are expecting more from their vehicles in every aspect. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, people want it to go through swamps and rivers. Not only people are ready to spend a fortune on these aftermarket mods, but they are also ready to compromise the vehicle’s safety over these obsessions of theirs!

For such enthusiasts here is a brutal offroading utility vehicle which will make you drool for it!

The Avtoros Shaman:

This ATV happens to be a Russian-made Centipede truck which can be driven over any kind of pavement. This vehicle is driven by a set of 8 wheels. This ATV can carry 12 people at a time. It is referred as a centipede due to its appearance. The 8 wheels make it long enough and appear like the legs of the centipede.

Seating Arrangement Avtoros Shaman 8X8

Seating Arrangement
Avtoros Shaman 8X8

The interesting part is that all the eight wheels of this mechanical centipede can be steered independently. Although it sounds like a disaster, the individually steered wheels allow you to get in and out of any tight/steep climbs or slopes in swamps or muddy areas.

ATV Shaman 8X8 Ride-ability:

Avtoros Shaman Offroading Level 1000

Avtoros Shaman Offroading Level 1000

The massive machine can be driven on marshes, wetlands, swamps as well as on running water. The massive beast can not only be driven but can also swim on water. Chassis of the vehicle are sealed neatly and have a structure which allows it to swim through narrow streams and even through flowing water.

ATV Shaman Top Speed:

The Intense Machine

The Intense Machine

As you can undoubtedly know that this vehicle is not made for tracks, top speed is of no concern to this vehicle. But for your surprise, this massive machine can run up to 70-72 kph of maximum speed.

ATV Shaman Price:

Impressive Comfort Offered as a Offroader

Impressive Comfort Offered as an Offroader

Although the vehicle is not available across dealerships in India, the vehicle will roughly cost you around 71.5-75 lakhs in India.

The Avtoros Shaman happens to be one of its kind utility vehicles. Although it happens to every mad man’s dream to go out and explore the roads less travelled, it isn’t everybody’s piece of cake to afford such a vehicle. Thus for people who are struggling with modifications of soft-roaders and are trying to convert them into offroaders, here’s some motivation for you guys. Maybe you could add few wheels at the rear, to make you feel better!

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