Souped up F12 in the making: Report

F12 Berlinetta by no means is a slouch. The stats say everything. It uses a 6,262 cc naturally aspirated engine with 730 horses to thrust you into a ‘cargasm’ . It is the fastest Ferrari on road if we leave out the LaFerari which was in a league of its own. Maybe even engineered on planet Cybertron!!

If reports are to be believed, Ferrari are giving finishing touches to a speciale version of the F12 with a modest 30 hp jump and a massive 200 kg weight reduction. The car is in the ‘size zero’ territory with so much fat loss. How are they achieving it is a question of intrigue.

Autocar suggests that the car will be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show next year. The good news is that it will not be limited to a few units. There is uncertainty over the exact number of units available as of now.

ferrari-f12-berlinetta-front-three-quarters ferrari-F12Berlinetta-A-1410x600

The massive weight reduction mean the interiors will be stripped to the bare minimum with extensive use of carbon fiber  all along, ultra lightweight wheels, thinner windows amongst others.

With all this it surely isn’t going to be a minor increase cost wise. Be prepared to trade your limbs for one of these beauties!!!


Source: Autocar

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