Spied: 2015 Ford Figo

The 2015 Ford Figo was recently spotted on the streets on Mumbai.

Under the hood, the engines will be shared from the Figo Aspire, a 1.2l TiVCT Petrol and the very familiar 1.5l TDCi Diesel, albeit in a lower state of tune to maximize fuel economy.

2015 Ford Figo Spied

2015 Ford Figo Spied

The new Figo hatchback will share the same engines with the Figo Aspire, however in a lower & more efficient state of tune. Engines expected include a 1.2L TiVCT petrol & 1.5L TDCi diesel.

The Figo hatch has similar underpinnings as the recently launched Figo Aspire Compact Sedan. Ford stopped selling the present version of the Figo a while ago to pave the way for the 2015 Figo and will launch it soon.

Launch Report: Ford Figo Aspire

The launch is expected to be as early as the end of this month to cash in on the festival season coming up.

The car was spotted in a new orange hue which is not offered on the Figo Aspire Sedan. Ford has been making cars which look in all colors including the traditional black and white as well as quirky orange and yellow shades. Remember the Jeans blue ikon Ford launched nearly a decade ago?

Ford has been on track to recover some lost ground lately. The launch of Figo Aspire has created a lot of buzz and it is one of the most proportionate cars in the sub-4 metre segment. Ford has got the pricing of the Figo Aspire spot on and with few unique features, it might get the volumes, Ford desperately needs. The company is also planning to launch the Endeavour in the festive season. The Endeavour will be in direct comparison with Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero, Hyundai Santa Fe. We will not be surprised if customers take a liking to the new 2015 Ford Figo just like the previous version.

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