Substandard build quality causes handlebar breakage on 7 bikes?

According to indiancarsbikes, there are currently five Pulsar RS200 bikes in one Bajaj servicing facility at Coimbatore reporting issues of handlebar breakage. It is either the left or right side handlebar breakage due to soft fall on the road. It is easy to say that the bikes fell due to skidding given that it is monsoon and the road conditions worsen. One or two could have been an acceptable number. Five is too big a number to be ignored. We cant blame five people for reckless driving so easily.

The said issue was reported by a reader who fell off the bike riding at speed of around 40kmph. He was amazed to see that when nothing happened to the bike and he sustained minor injuries, the handlebar was dangling off the wires.

It has been two weeks without the replacement part and the customer is growing anxious.  The RS200 has been in the market for a short amount of time and finding five bikes with the same issue gives way for suspicion. The report also put photos of the bikes with damage , increasing the credibility of the report. Earlier , report of broken rim on RS200 was reported, on which Bajaj released a statement putting the onus on the impact due to accident, stating firmly that there was no issue with the quality.

Bajaj is not known for build quality but if this is true, it is a serious lapse as it could potentially be fatal in cases. The report suggests that there are at least seven known cases with this issue.

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