Suzuki S-Cross runs out of steam? Dealers selling at heavy discounts

Suzuki launched the S-Cross, a premium crossover with much fanfare on August 4th with the intention of taking on the Hyundai Creta head-on. Just about 50 days after the launch, the dealers are selling the S-Cross at heavy discounts ranging from Rs 20,000 to a staggering 1 lakh rupees on the top end model. So the question which will be a nightmare for the higher management at Maruti Suzuki will be whether they have failed to crack the ‘Premium’ code once again?

Maruti Suzuki, to their credit, did all the right things with the launch of S-Cross. They dissociated the Maruti tag entirely,  created a special network of NEXA showrooms which could give a better buying experience to the potential customer. Yet, the company or at least the dealers have given up hope on the S-Cross.

Dealerships in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon  are offering discounts starting from Rs 20,000 on the DDiS 200 1.3-litre variant, going up to Rs 1,00,000. The 1.6-litre DDiS 320 gets benefits worth Rs 70,000 and a loyalty bonus of Rs 30,000 in exchange of older Maruti cars, a total discount of Rs 1,00,000. Other dealerships across the country are offering benefits up to Rs 90,000 on the S-Cross 1.6-litre DDiS 320.

Anticipating a huge demand, the dealers would have stocked up big numbers however, the S-Cross seems to have been bulldozed totally by the Hyundai Creta. The Creta sold about 7,000 units last month which was the highest ever for an SUV. The Creta looks like an SUV while the S-Cross looks more like a stretched out hatch. This could be one of the major reasons for the rejection in the market. Customers demand their car look stylish with a road presence which is somehow missing on the Suzuki S-Cross.

Another aspect that might have gone against the Suzuki S-Cross would be the availability only through the NEXA showrooms. People might not be aware of the standalone outfit plus the missing Maruti badge, which has built trust and reliability over the decades.

Whatever the reasons, we might have to say that the company has yet again failed to break the ‘Enigma’ code.


Source: Autocar

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