Meet the SwinCar Spider – All Electric off-roader

We all love SUVs, off-roading with SUVs, but till now we have seen hardcore petrol or diesel powered SUVs. How about a car that is powered by independent electric motors on each wheel allows that car to tackle the toughest off-road terrain? Something sounds strange to you? Yes, it sounded same to us, but, a company based in the south of France has decided to produce this car in mass market from October this year and it will be called as Swincar.

The inspiration of this vehicle came from downhill racing where usually most of the SUVs and cars topple over, but the creator of this vehicle thought why not to make a vehicle that will have all independent wheels and suspension and separate power source and can go easily over any surface with ease. The whole idea came to reality with a concept that has all 4 independent wheels and can tilt and steer. Powered by an electric motor at each wheel, the driver seat is swinging when all 4 wheels are busy in catching the road surface.

Swincar - Eletric off roader

Swincar – Eletric off roader

The company says the car can drive on slopes with an inclination of up to 70%. The 1.3 meters long by 1.3 meter wide vehicle is made of aluminium bars, weighs 150kg and can reach a maximum speed of 30-40 km/h. Most of the Quad bikes do same, but one unique thing in this vehicle is this has got all eletric drive and its not noisy neither polluting like other combustion engines. Swincar has ability to cross extreme terrain when most of the quad bikes will get stuck just because swin car has got a different set of kinematics all together.

The Swincar was first designed for the North American market and was having an idea of  a kit car, where most of the people used to order for leisure purpose. But now the company has plans to make this product global and would like to penetrate in defense, civil and agricultural field.





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