Tesla Model 3 Finally To Hit The Indian Market Soon !

As the global automobile industry continues to be obsessed with hybrids and electric cars, India is now being part of the big game. Elon Musk has revealed the India Bound Tesla Model 3 recently.

India Bound Tesla Model 3:

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Tesla Model 3
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Tesla Company is one of the very few companies in the automotive industry which has gained a huge amount of reputation and name in its favour in a very less amount of time. The Automaker now happens to be amongst the hot topics of the Industry and makes sure he gives some sizzling news every now and then. The recent update from Tesla comes that they have confirmed to launch the Tesla Model 3, the compact sedan, that will be the first vehicle delivered by the company in the Indian Nation.

Tesla Model 3 Revealed:

The vehicle is revealed by Elon Musk in his video update and here are some specs about the car. The Model 3 comes with 2 variants The Model 3 Sedan (S) and also an SUV (X) as an option. The Vehicle is introduced for the middle strata of the society who want a vehicle equipped with advanced technology but is also convincing to the pocket. The base variant will cost you around 23 lakhs+ in India.

The Model 3 can travel up to 215 miles range at a stretch. The figures seem much promising as being in the city, you would hardly consume that in a day! The model 3 comes with Tesla’s Ludicrous+ mode which happens to make the vehicle’s go immensely fast.

What’s New?

The vehicle comes with Autopilot system and can be driven without any human on the driving set for a definite period of time. For Tesla Model 3, all the variants of the vehicle will be stuffed with the Autopilot feature.

Apart from this, the Model 3 will come with a massive glass roof which will give it an out of the class feel as well as a premium look.

The Massive Sunroof

The Massive Sunroof(SOURCE)

The 0-100

Even if it is not that important, the Tesla Model 3 will do the 0 to 100 run below 6 seconds.

Tesla Model 3 Booking

The Model 3 (S) and (X) are now open for booking globally. The bookings are receiving an immense response and people are readily depositing $1000 for being in the booking cue.

Tesla Model 3 Launch India

Elon Musk did reveal that the launch will take place this year. Still looking at the enormous bookings, the company will take some time to satisfy that need. We can expect the Model 3 to reach India by the last quarter of 2017 or by Jan 2018.

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