The Ferrari 488 goes topless!!

Ferrari have unveiled another engineering masterpiece with the new 488spider. The 488GTB is in itself a spectacular car. But with this one, the mad gets ‘insane’.

Many people doubted how can the 458 Italia be bettered. But boy did they better it and that too with finesse. I think Ferrari does not have ‘perfect’ in their dictionary. The 488 was a whole new level of perfection and now with the convertible its taken to a different orbit.

I’d bet myself on the car being sheer joy to drive. Driving its rear wheels is the same 661bhp, 560lb ft twin-turbocharged V8 as the 488 GTB, and while the Spider’s kerbweight is 50kg heavier ,thanks to the increased stiffness, at 1525kg, Ferrari claims it’s not enough to slow down the prancing horse’s flat 3.0sec 0-100kph time with a top speed of 326kph .

Ferrari also claim it will have 12 percent faster acceleration out of corners. I can only imagine the joy when it slides across while the rear tires are smoking pot. The spider comes with a retractable hard top , which essentially is carried forward from the 458.

Once you retract the roof, the music is going to be better than that of Mozart or for that matter any other music you’ve ever heard. The full blown V8 will give you a roar like never before which will definitely tip the scale in favor of the cabrio over the ‘ordinary’ GTB.

Ultimately it is a choice tough to make, when money is not a factor. Its like choosing between Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Both are modern classics. Spoilt for choice is what i say.


The cockpit


Front view


Rear view


Rear three quarter


Side profile


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