The First Ever 1961 Electric Royal Enfield Bullet Without Thump [VIDEO]

A mechanical engineer specialised in restoration of vintage motorcycles decides to flip 1961 Royal Enfield Bullet 350. The result is more powerful Royal Enfield without a thump. Not many Bullet lovers will like this idea but someone already made it. The project he named as Charging Bullet.

All the efforts he made to make a trip on his e-Bullet to do a 1200 miles journey across England and Scotland. A filmmaker friend of Spaven, Finn Varney will record his journey as documentary across the UK on e-Bullet. The two blocks already on the way and started their journey on 8th October 2018.

The story actually starts from January 2018 when Spaven picked a Bullet that has been used in India for many years and all life of motorcycle was spent in India.  The only reason he wanted to use this bike because its the perfect match with a steady frame that can accommodate a new electric powertrain.

After sourcing the frame for e-Bullet he gathered almost standard parts that are used for electric cars and motorcycles. A Nissan Leaf battery pack, Orion battery Management system, a 48V Saietta DC motor and Kelly Controller. All put together by this engineer resulted in a 1961 Electric Royal Enfield that produces a similar output without Thump.

The documented journey across the UK will be available in 2019 and the team have put a lot of efforts to get some sponsors and crowdfunding on Kickstarter to make the dream come true. The project has reached its goal of 8500 USD to provide accommodation for the journey, music license for the documentary and some fast charging accessories for the first ever 1961 Royal Enfield Bullet.

Spaven plans to help his friend with this documentary as this will be presented at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival that might bring a boost to Finn Varney’s career in filmmaking. To witness their journey we have to wait for a year and that is boring.

All thump lovers of Royal Enfield Bullet may not like the idea of electrification of the iconic 1961 Royal Enfield Bullet but you have to admit that its the next cool thing in the motorcycles.

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