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The giant has finally woken up from its sleep. We Indians have been waiting for this a long time. Hero Hastur is the first 620cc bike to be produced by Indian manufacturer. No explanations have been given for the name. They are the first people to come up with such a brilliant concept.

2014 Hero Hastur

2014 Hero Hastur

The style is very aggressive. This bike is a new evolution in Hero. It has counter-rotating crank shafts. It has a maximum power of 78.9 BHP @ 9600 rpm and a maximum torque of 72 NM @ 7750 rpm. The two cylinder heads are fed fuel by controlled swirl injection (CSI) technology accounts for emission decrement as well as increased fuel efficiency.This sophisticated power generator performs for all it’s worth by a 6-speed constant mesh, cartridge-type gearbox designed for efficient power transfer and faster gear shifts.The 17 inch aluminum cast wheels comes rapped with Pirelli Diablo Rosso II. These are high-performance, dual-compound street tires fastened at the tip of 43 mm flexible upturned forks in the front and a mono with flexible coil at the back end. The braking prowess equipped on the Hastur might give an indication of the prancing and bucking one could anticipate while astraddle one of these. The front wheel bears a pair of collosal 300 mm-diameter discs with the rear bedecked with a single 220mm disc with single piston calliper and four-piston radial callipers. Apart from the headlights the rest of the motorcycle is substantially a good idea.

The exclusive latticework steel frame coloured in suggestive yellow bears the Hastur’s engine as an emphasised part of the framework and enables a ably inhibiting ride. The weight of the bike is exactly right in place. The sub-frame cut out from lightweight and strong aluminum, which would help limiting the dry weight. The Hastur weighs about 160 kg, which is pretty impressive.

Hero Hastur is sensational on paper, but the question stands will the raw power covert into real world performance. By the virtue of its extra-ordinary power to weight ratio, it is capable of the o-100kmph whack in only 3.8 seconds but that’s not all. It goes on to reach its top speed of a astonishing  240kmph!


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