Some Things You Were Doing Wrong With Your Car Part-2

Did you know you could drive a vehicle with a flat tyre for kilometers without trouble? Let us find out how?

Running the vehicle at times of crisis:

While on road trips of there are chances to get a flat tyre and even to run out of fuel at times if you don’t find a fuel station for hours. At such times there are some tricks you can play without causing any harm to your car and even being stress-free at the same time.

Running with a flat tyre:

Unexpected Flat Tyre.

Unexpected Flat Tyre. (SOURCE)

While on a long drive, a flat tyre is always a nightmare for every car owner. Not only it spoils the mood but it also ensures rest of your day is wasted. If you are carrying a Stepney in the car and you have it in you to change it on the road, then no-one can stop you to enjoy your weekend. But if you aren’t carrying a spare and you are far away from the city area then my friend your weekend is about to give you a surprise.

Flat tyre suprise.

Flat tyre surprise.(SOURCE)

At such times people usually get into panic modes and end up getting out of the car and the driver alone goes to the local garage to get the puncture fix. Until the time the passengers have to wait on a stranger road and in a new surrounding all alone.

How To Avoid This :

At such times what you can do is shift the weight of the entire vehicle on the diagonally opposite side. That is for example if your right tyre is punctured at the rear side of the vehicle shift all the people to the left front and the left side of the vehicle. Apart from this deflate the remaining three tyres a bit so that they have larger surface areas and distribute the weight evenly. Gravitation force acts evenly when you deflate the remaining three tyres and hence the axil carrying the flat tyre doesn’t get the excess load.

Lowering the vehicle by deflating tyres ensures all the four wheels touch the ground and hence avoid any damage to the rear or the front axil. This will let you allow you drive your vehicle without getting it damaged more and let you all be in the vehicle and get you to the local garage soon.

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