Some Things You Didn’t Know You Were Doing Wrong With Your Car

Even being a car enthusiast for year and heaving knowledge about cars there are some mistakes we often tend to do. Some of these may seem stupid and irrelevant but avoiding those can make you the smarter one in the crowd. Did you know you could unlock your car by mind control? Well, not exactly like Jean Grey from the X-men series but yes kind of similar to that. Let us find out how. Here we have enlisted some things you were doing wrong with your car.

Remote locking system:

The term remote keyless system (RKS), also called keyless entry or remote central locking. The locks which we use to lock our vehicle are termed as Keyless Entry systems. It is An Electronic lock that controls or grants access to a building or a vehicle without sing a mechanical/ physical key. Most of the people prefer a locking system for the vehicle which can be accessed by a distance. The keyless entry system previously meant by a lock which was managed by a keypad located nearby the driver’s door.

car unlocking by remote

car unlocking by remote (source)

Nowadays companies provide you with that kind of security level to make it easy and safer for you at the same time. Most of the people, while in a hurry forget to lock their vehicles and when they realise it they are considerably far away from the vehicle. At such time if you are out of the remote control’s range the vehicle doesn’t lock even if u try hard and point the remote towards the car. This is where we all go wrong. Pointing a remote at the TV unit is a different thing and that to a car is a different thing.

How to Avoid?

Unlocking car by using brain

Unlocking car by using brain (source)

Avoiding this what you can do is place your remote near your forehead (sideways) and then press the button, This will instantly lock the vehicle. This might seem stupid but it works. This amplifies the signal and hence the car locks and unlocks even at times when you are out of the specified distance of range the remote has to function. Pointing or holding your remote near your chest will also act similarly. But, as of for other body parts, there won’t be any amplification taking place as the most of the body parts are non-conductive for such sources of energy.

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