This might be the Mercedes A45 AMG

Some blokes on WCF have stumbled upon an image which might be the upcoming Mercedes A45 AMG.

Mercedes A45 AMG Image

Mercedes A45 AMG Image

The source suggests the A45 AMG will be offered with two tunes, a 381 PS (376 bhp) standard model while the other Sportier S model will have 400 PS (394 bhp) of Power. The current A45 AMG makes about 360 bhp from the 2.0 liter turbo engine and the new figure seem like a big jump for the car. However, as petrolheads go, the more the merrier stands true especially in this particular case.

Mercedes has plans to reveal the facelift of the A-Class within the next month but for a full public unveiling, we will have to wait until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The exterior changes gathered from the image show revised  air vents on the bumper with a glossy black finish and additional fins below them. The engine grille and the bumper vents have different designs now which makes the A45 AMG look more meatier.

Stay tuned for News and Updates on the Mercedes A45 AMG.

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