Tokyo Motor Show : Autonomous Concept launches

Tokyo Motor Show has given us a peek into the future with the kind of launches and concepts shown. The most prominent of the launches was the Nissan IDS and the Mercedes Vision Tokyo. Let’s get a detailed look into what is expected in the future.

Mercedes Benz Vision Tokyo

First of all Vision Tokyo does not hint at any upcoming Mercedes car. It has solely been built to show what the future holds. The company has envisioned a car for generation Z, i.e people born after 1995. The Vision Tokyo stretches 4803mm long, a generous 2100mm wide and 1600mm high and is a pollution free vehicle probably. Vision Tokyo’s exterior, including the large grille and individual spokes of its large 26in wheels, are illuminated in blue – a colour Mercedes-Benz suggests provides clues to its emissions-free, hydrogen-fuelled driveline.

Vision Tokyo comes with ‘deep machine learning’ and intelligent predictive engine processes. “With each journey, it becomes more familiar with its occupants, their likes and preferences,” the firm says. it has got a couch instead of traditional seats and LED screens on the interior. Social happenings can be holograms that can be projected from the middle of the van.

Nissan IDS Concept


Nissan IDS is a car with its own brain according to Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan. The car will learn the drivers mannerisms and imitate them when left in autonomous mode making it the only vehicle as of now to do so. The company will start putting up autonomous technology driven vehicles on Japanese streets for testing in a few days time.

The interior of the car is futuristic in a sense that when in autonomous mode, the steering wheel is pushed back and out comes a tablet computer. “It compensates for human error, which causes more than 90 percent of all car accidents,” Ghosn said of the emerging technology. “As a result, time spent behind wheel is safer, cleaner, more efficient and more fun,” he said in a briefing booth packed with reporters.



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