Tokyo Motor Show : Bike launches

Tokyo Motor Show is seeing a lot of action and not to be left out are the two wheelers. There were a host of launches happening and we have them clubbed here in this article!!

Yamaha PES2 and PED2 concept

Yamaha PES

Yamaha PES

Yamaha PED2

Yamaha PED2

Yamaha Motor Co. has a booth under the theme of “Yamaha Motor Product Orchestra.” The company is showing off a lot of variations in the traditional bike. The PES2 and PED2 are concept models powered by electricity. PES stands for “Passion,” “Electric Vehicle” and “Street,” and the two represents the number of wheels. PED stands for “Passion,” “Electric Vehicle” and “Dirt.”

They sport a new power unit, dubbed the Yamaha Smart Power Module. The PES2 is a two-wheel-drive on-road sport bike, boasting an in-wheel motor in its front wheel. The PED2 has a mountain trail gear that lets riders enjoy riding off-road.

Kawasaki Z125 and Z125 Pro

2016-kawasaki-z125-pro Honda-CBR250RR-lightweight-super-sports-concept-2015-Tokyo-Motor-Show-21 Honda-CBR250RR-lightweight-super-sports-concept-2015-Tokyo-Motor-Show-23

The Kawasaki Z125 will rival the Honda Grom which features a 125cc SOHC engine that produces 9.7 hp at 7,000 rpm and 10.84 Nm at 5,500 rpm, mated to a 4-speed gearbox. The Z125 is expected to be a fun little motorcycle where complete power can be harnessed at all times. The design is inspired heavily from the Z800 with the headlight assembly almost a clone. The exhaust is borrowed from the ER6n. The Z125 will feature an automatic transmission and the Pro version will feature a manual transmission.

Honda Light Weight Super Sports concepts


Honda unveiled a completely track focused but road legal 2500cc motorcycle which will be positioned above the existing single-cylinder CBR250R. The bike looks edgy with its aesthetics and the headlights give it a menacing look.  The concept houses a compact liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine whose displacement is estimated to be around 250 cc. Expect the power output to be somewhere around 40-45 PS. and uses Akrapovic exhaust system.



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