Triumph India’s Offer To Existing Owners Over Detune Row

2014 Street Triple

2014 Street Triple

Over the past few weeks, the Internet was awash with news of Triumph India selling their range of bikes, especially the Street Triples at a lower state of tune (79 PS for India vs 106 PS available internationally).

Triumph has now come up with an offer for bike owners who own the Street Triple 79PS versions, bought before the current PS row emerged.

The following options are being offered:

  1. Sell the bike to Triumph India and get back the money.
  2. Take accessories worth Rs. 1,50,000/-  worth and pay Rs. 10,000 (approximately) for bumping up the power to 106 PS. The cost of Arrow exhaust and maps (Rs. 60,000 approximately) will be included in this sum. The customer with have to sign an indemnity form to accept the modifications.
  3. Upgrade the bike to 106 PS. (without the money back) and sign an indemnity form to accept the modifications, which are out of ARAI rules. The parts that will be changed are:
  • Airbox ducts
  • Vacuum pipe
  • Arrow mapping on the ECU
  • Arrow exhaust

These modifications will make the bike louder and in line with European specifications. The engine would not be opened in any way.

New Street Triple bikes will continue to be sold as the ARAI certified 79PS versions.

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