TVS Apache RTR200 with dual channel ABS launched in India

TVS Motors has introduced dual channel ABS on the Apache RTR200. The ABS equipped bike is priced at Rs. 107,485 ex-showroom Delhi and is available at TVS dealers across India. Bookings for the bike are now open. The bike is also available in other variants – non-ABS carbed, and non-ABS fuel injected.

The reason TVS has not combined both fuel injection and ABS in the ABS equipped version is to keep costs low. The non-ABS carbed version is priced at Rs. 93,685 while the non-ABS fuel injected version is priced at Rs. 106,385. TVS also offered the carbed, non-ABS Apache RTR200 with grippier Pirelli tyres, an option priced at Rs. 98,685.

All variants of the Apache RTR feature a 200cc, air cooled four stroke engine that produces a peak power of 20.7 Bhp and a peak torque of 18.1 Nm. The engine features four valves, and gets a 5 speed manual gearbox as standard. As mentioned above, it can be specified with carburetor or fuel injection. Fuel injection makes throttle response crisper but also increases cost by Rs. 13,000. So, it’s a decision that the customer needs to take. Between fuel injection and ABS, we would recommend ABS as that’s a life saver in emergency braking situations.

ABS works by modulating brake pressure suitably even under very hard braking, making sure that the wheels of the bike don’t lock. This allows the rider to steer across obstacles even while braking hard and makes sure that there’s no skidding due to wheel lock under hard braking. Dual channel ABS means both the front and rear brakes are equipped with this life saving technology. Notably, TVS also offers rear wheel lift off protection on the Apache’s ABS system. The bike features petal disc brakes – 270 mm at front and 240 mm at the rear. The Apache gets street fighter styling and is an entry level performance bike.

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