The Ugly Truth Behind Certified Cars market!

As India takes a leap towards being a developed country and declares itself to be among one of the most thirsty markets for automotive industry, there are some people who take adverse advantage of this situation. Improving economic situation and the rise in amounts of disposable money in hands of people have led to bring a drastic change in the markets over all position. Buying new cars and selling of old ones has become a trend that one follows every 2 or 3 years down the lane.

Following this tradition, the dealership market arose seeing the profit margins in these numerous number of deals happening everyday. Every other agent proudly presents you a lot of ‘Certified’ cars. Certified means the cars which have undergone some safety checks. Needless to say they are said to be equipped with enough safety equipment’s and parameters which make them suitable to be driven in crowded areas and on highways.

The Dealership Market:

Once you sell your vehicle to the dealer as a buyback car, he owns the vehicle. There after it is his soul responsibility to look after the cars worn outs and to enable all the disabled features before he keeps it out for display. People sell their cars at negligible value just because they know that there are some issues with them. These issues need to be addressed by the dealer and then he should sell the car. Instead what dealers do, they sell of the car as it was when it entered their shed. As they have got the vehicle in a minimalist value, there is a chance of them earning huge profits if they don’t spend any money on those cars.

Ignoring every issue with these cars, they just make sure they make the car visually convincing. Thus they make sure that the vehicle appears flawless with the body and with the paint aesthetics. Once the customer is convinced that the vehicle is in good condition they buy it. Here comes the problem as the dealer fools them with his tricks and the fellow customer doesn’t check for safety parameters on the vehicles. There after he notices a number of problems in the vehicle and is jammed with the vehicle or has to spend a fortune on that vehicle to make it worth the drive. If not the frustrated customer ends up selling the vehicle in cheaper price.

Documentation of the Vehicle:

Apart from the vehicles physical condition, agents often fool the customer with the vehicles documents. Its often observed that the dealers don’t handover the vehicles documents to the new customer. They assure you by saying that they will deliver the cars new registered documents of your name directly. The actual reason behind this is because they most of the times don’t have all the required documents of the vehicle. They often bribe agencies to get the new documents done. This might land you up, the new owner in any kind of problems.

There are parameters such as environment tax which has to be renew after a several years. There is car insurance which should be renewed after a specific time every year. Car dealers never disclose the ugly truth behind these scenarios and hence there are a lot of issues which arouse when you have been checked by a police authority. Its this time when you are brought to light that you have been fooled and cheated by the dealers.

Genuine Dealers:

Needless to say there are genuine dealers which deal only within a class of purely and genuinely certified cars. These are the dealers you should visit and have a deal with. For all the fake dealers which trade purely for selfish motives and ultimately/indirectly trade with people’s lives. These bunch of agencies should be sued for such cold crimes for theirs. As recently US has sued a Govt agency for doing the same. Read more about it here. 

Suing these guys will get out all the manipulated deals and cars out of the market. It will provide us with great offers which are genuine and worthy enough.


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