Upcoming Tata Q501 SUV Rendered

It has by now become a public info that Tata Motors is developing at least a couple of new SUVs that will have in them the ‘Land Rover DNA’. One of these two upcoming Tata SUVs in India has been internally codenamed as the Q501 and the biggest highlight of this product will be its platform sharing with the Land Rover Discovery Sport! In terms of design, this Tata SUV will look a lot like the recently showcased Tata Hexa concept. Based on whatever details are available on the upcoming Tata Q501 SUV. Theophilus Chin have come up with a set of Tata Q501 digital rendering images to give you a better idea about the Q501’s visual appeal.


Essentially, these renderings present before us an amalgam of various design cues of the Hexa concept and the Discovery Sport. As can be seen in these pics, the Q501 could look a lot like the Hexa, but would have a stance of the Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Q501 could also share some mechanical bits with the Discovery Sport. That said, the Q501, in spite of the platform sharing with the Land Rover SUV, would be positioned a lot lower to the Land Rover model. It is expected that theQ501 would retail for roughly INR 13 lacs.



So far, Tata Motors have failed to fair very well in the premium segment, case in the point being the Aria. However, we hope that this time around, Tata would get its act together and come up with a world class machine


via Theophiluschin

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