Video of the Day : Insane Drifting

This is a post for our daily update, the Video of the Day, where we choose one video for you guys. Today’s video features a number of people drifting their cars. Sounds like another video by some college junkies drifting on the back road? But, its not as simple as that. Believe me, once you are done watching the video, your fingers will automatically move to press the replay button. Now what is so special about it? The drivers, the machines and their perfection are special. This video hosts a number of professionals with their insane drifting on streets, freeways and tracks.

Drifting is very fascinating and very simple to look at. But, there are a number of technicalities that are involved in it. We will quickly have an overview of basic drifting. There are six types of drifting – E-Brake, Shift Lock, Power Over, Braking, Feint & Lift-Off. The E-Brake is when we use the emergency brake or handbrake as we call it, to lock the wheels. You have to anti-steer after the wheels are locked to make your car go sideways. The shift lock makes the use of gears to drift. Power over is when you use too much power due to which the wheels loose traction. These and the others are briefly explained in a video at the bottom of the page.

Coming back to our video of the day. The video starts with a guy doing circles in his car with the wheels locked  and another man standing in the middle. The driver does circles around the man standing in the middle. But the man is too confident about his mate as he is seen sipping his drink with utmost calm. Now watch it yourself. Enjoy!

If you feel an urge to learn this art after watching this video. We are more than happy to provide you with a lesson on drifting taught by Kiichi Tsuchiya, the drift king himself. Happy Motoring! 🙂

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