Video of the Day ; Jorge Lorenzo gets burnt by hot coolant

We are here with a new edition of Video of the Day. This time the video is too shocking and features the young MotoGP rider, Jorge Lorenzo who has been in the news since his win at the MotoGP world championship last week. His win was followed by a number of controversies about Valentino Rossi’s claim that Marc Marquez stopped him from going further in the last race to make Jorge Lorenzo win. But, a win is a win whatsoever. So, when the Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo returned to his country, his fans gathered to cheer him.

Jorge Lorenzo at this event was seen revving his Yamaha YZF- R1 bike in the middle of the street to entertain his fans. While doing so, one of the coolant hoses overflowed, letting out hot coolant and steam. The MotoGP rider was seen jumping of the bike holding his leg. He was surely in pain. He was immediately taken to a local hospital where the doctors said that his burns were not severe and he was fine. Fortunately, none of the people around the bike were injured and the situation was under control.

Jorge Lorenzo survived a very dangerous situation. Though, he was wearing full leather gears with racing shoes, he got burnt. But he was lucky enough to have come out without any major injuries.

You can see the video below. It will make you laugh a bit but control because laughing on such incidents is not a good thing. 😉

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